HBAJ Executive Board

Carl Sandberg, CPB

Carl Sandberg, CPB | 3S Homes, LLC
(601) 500-1819 3shomes@gmail.com


As the HBAJ President, Carl oversees all aspects of the association. He serves as Chair for the Executive Committee which is made up of the association's officers Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Builder Vice President, Associate Vice President, Past President and the Association's Senior Advisor.

Shane McLendon, CPB, CAPS

Shane McLendon, CPB, CAPS | Shane McLendon Builder, LLC
601-720-3785 shanethehomebuilder@gmail.com

Vice President

As Vice President, Shane is responsible for certain aspects of the Association such as Membership, Public Relations, Education and Member Benefits.

DeFord Walker

DeFord Walker | Southern Heritage Construction, LLC
(601) 941-1080 defordwalker@gmail.com

Secretary / Treasurer

As Secretary/Treasurer, DeFord oversees many of the Association's non-dues revenue projects such as the Parade of Homes, The Home Show, Sponsorships and Finance.

John Michael Rainey

John Michael Rainey | Rainey Construction, LLC
601-613-5242 johnrainey@live.com

Builder Vice President

As Builder Vice President, John Michael is responsible for aspects of the Association such as Legislative, Regulatory and Build PAC.

Billy Ray

Billy Ray | American Concrete Products
601-355-0691 billy@americanconcreteproducts.us

Associate Vice President

As Associate Vice President, Billy is responsible for overseeing Programs & Meetings, Special Events and Publications.

Todd Seymour

Todd Seymour | Berkshire / Timbercrest Homes
(601) 720-8719 seymourt@comcast.net

Immediate Past President

As Immediate Past President, Todd is responsible for the Association's Annual Awards, Installation Banquet, Nominations and Organization By-Laws.

HBAJ Board of Directors 2017

Steven Bailey
Andy Barksdale
Bill Bethany
Robert Blackmon
Chris Bond
Brent Clark
Kevin Cole
Trey Copeland
Stephanie Cummins
Eddie Duran
Wilson Eatherly
Jay Fowler
Mike Gray
Jim Harris
JonMark Jordan
Hunter Lee
Shane McLendon
Mildred Nelson
Kelli Nicholson
Wade Quin
John Michael Rainey
Billy Ray
Bobby Rayburn
Terry Reeves
Steve Rimmer
Joe Robertson
Alex Ross
Jeff Salmons
Carl Sandberg
Todd Seymour
Scott Shoemaker
Steven G. Smith
Kevin Stringer
Jeff Terry
John Travis
DeFord Walker
Glen Weldon

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