HBAJ Executive Board

Shane McLendon, CPB, CAPS

Shane McLendon, CPB, CAPS | Shane McLendon Builder, LLC
601-720-3785 shanethehomebuilder@gmail.com


As HBAJ President, Shane oversees all aspects of the association. He serves as Chair for the Executive Committee which is made up of the association's officers Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Builder Vice President, Associate Vice President, Past President and the Association's Senior Advisor.

DeFord Walker

DeFord Walker | Southern Heritage Construction, LLC
(601) 941-1080 defordwalker@gmail.com

Vice President

As Vice President, DeFord is responsible for certain aspects of the Association such as Membership, Public Relations, Education and Member Benefits. 

John Michael Rainey

John Michael Rainey | Tailored South Homes, LLC
601-613-5242 jm@tailoredsouthhomes.com


As Secretary/Treasurer, John Michael oversees many of the Association's non-dues revenue projects such as the Parade of Homes, The Home Show, Sponsorships and Finance.

Alex Ross

Alex Ross | Buckhorn Properties, LLC

Builder Vice President

As Builder Vice President, Alex is responsible for aspects of the Association such as Legislative, Regulatory and Build PAC.

James Swanner

James Swanner | AmFed Co.

Associate Vice President

As Associate Vice President, James is responsible for overseeing Programs & Meetings, Special Events and Publications.

Carl Sandberg, CPB

Carl Sandberg, CPB | 3S Homes, LLC
(601) 500-1819 3shomes@gmail.com

Past President

As Immediate Past President, Carl is responsible for the Association's Annual Awards, Installation Banquet, Nominations and Organization By-Laws.

HBAJ Board of Directors 2018

• Steven Bailey 

• Andy Barksdale

• Bill Bethany 

• Chris Bond

• Brent Clark

• Kevin Cole 

• Trey Copeland 

• Stephanie Cummins 

• Eddie Duran

• Wilson Eatherly

• Rachael Elmore

• Jay Fowler 

• Marvin Freeman 

• Drew Henderson

• Andrew Johnson

• Bruce Kirkland

• Hunter Lee

• Alex Mann

• Scott May

• Shane McLendon

• Mildred Nelson

• Kelli Nicholson

• Wade Quin

• John Michael Rainey

• Billy Ray

• Bobby Rayburn

• Steve Rimmer

• Joe Robertson

• Alex Ross

• Jeff Salmons

• Carl Sandberg

• Todd Sandridge

• Scott Shoemaker

• Steven Smith

• Kevin Stringer

• James Swanner

• Jeff Terry

• John Travis

• Kevin Troyer

• DeFord Walker

• Glen Weldon

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